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Athletic Directors, coaches, assistant coaches or other school personnel are asked to please use our Coaches Admin section to maintain their teams' information. This information is then used on as well as the IHSAA website Many news and media outlets use this information too.

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Submit Scores
Anyone can send us scores. Fans, parents, athletes, students - anyone. If you can teach your dog to type, have him do it for you.

Individual game scores are essential to keeping our Power Rankings as accurate as possible. If you know we have an incorrect score listed, please let us know
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Or call the 24 hr. ScoreLine -

Submit Stats can keep track of your teams GAME-BY-GAME stats, compiling them into year to date information, automatically. A player can keep track of their progress by seeing how they are doing, game by game. This feature is one that we are most proud of. The technology was designed in-house to allow the athletes and their families to view their accomplishments now only now, but later when they are reflecting on their "glory days".
To ensure that our TOP ATHLETES feature is as accurate as possible we require that stats be sent to us under a few conditions. First, they MUST BE GAME-BY-GAME stats. No year to date stats will be accepted. Second, stats must be sent to us either throught eh coaches admin section or the stats sheets provided by us.
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Submit Rosters and/or Schedules
We understand that entering rosters takes time. To help you get started using the coaches admin section we will gladly enter in your rosters for you.

There are a couple of different ways you can send us your rosters. If you have them in a document or a spreadsheet you can either email them to or fax them to
You can send us your team's roster and/or schedule in many different ways.
  • Use the coaches admin section. Log in Now
  • Send it in an email to { }
  • Attach it in an email as a Word/Exel document
  • Fax it to 208.278.3161
  • Fax a game program


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