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The IHSAA concluded that it was in the best interest of everyone involved if they no longer printed and sent out schedule booklets. It was decided that as an alternative an online search feature would be created using the database of information.

When searching for schedules please remember that they are only as accurate as the information we have in the database. Every effort has been made by both and the IHSAA to inform every Athletic Director in Idaho that their school's schedules need to be included. This allows their school's information to be viewed on the IHSAA website ( and as well as numerous other media websites throughout Idaho.


Some searches, such as "all schools" and "all sports", may take a while to come up. They are pulling a lot of data from the database. Smaller queries, such as "single school" and "all sports", will load much faster. Just be patient and don't click the "Search For Schedules" button more than once.

Note: All sports are listed under their school's main classification. If a school has a sport that plays up or down in a division they will only be located in their school's main classification.


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