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We understand the need to stretch your advertising dollar as far as you can. We want to make sure you get your money's worth when advertising with us.

Here is what you can expect: Site Statistics
(Figures are based on 03-04 averages.)
  • Monthly Visits - 95,000
  • Monthly Page Views - 800,000
  • Monthly Hits - 4.6 million
We are one of the top all around web sites in the state of Idaho, and, arguably, THE BEST sports web site. As such, we are careful whom we associate ourselves with. We demand that any company we deal with maintain a certain level of integrity and a genuine love and concern for the youth of Idaho. Among these are:
  • Idaho High School Activities Association
  • Idaho National Guard
  • The Athletic Training Center
  • World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame
  • The Idaho Coaches Association
  • The Idaho Activities Administrators Association
  • Channel 6 On Your Side


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Fab 5 Sponsorship - Absolutely the most exposure for your dollar. State-wide, site-wide. Limited space available. Advertising Contract | PDF

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