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Archived Game Streams
We am not aware of any other high school web site that provides this type of coverage. Watch archived game streams of various games from around Idaho. Insider Zone members will have exclusive viewing access to on-demand archives of the boys and girls state championship basketball games.

The Prep Informer
The Prep Informer is the only high school sports email newsletter of its kind. Developed in-house, The Prep Informer is sent out twice a week on Monday and Wednesday mornings. We bundled together the three most popular features on and deliver them right to your email twice a week.

The Prep Informer includes current Power Rankings, Recent Scores and Upcoming Schedules plus news and information. Contest notifications available only to Insider Zone members also come in the Prep Informer.
Want updates on 5A boys basketball? Or how about 2A volleyball? How about both? Sports covered throughout the year include: football, volleyball, boys & girls soccer, boys & girls basketball, softball and baseball.

Expanded Power Rankings
Regular visitors to only get the top 5 ranked teams in the Power Rankings.

Insider Zone members get the expanded version. Every team in each division ranked from the top to the bottom along with their power ranking.

Weekly Game Picks
As an Insider Zone member you will be able to enjoy these cool picks contests next year starting with week one of the football season. Each week you could win prizes like cash, t-shirts and of course, bragging rights. Winners' names will be lsited on the homepage.

Compete against other Pig Skin Prognosticators from across Idaho and beyond! Select from our pre-selected "games of the week" and if you pick the most correct winners you will be crowned Picks Champion - until the next week.
Do you know what's going on in the world of prep hoops? Do you know more than the other guy? Find out by playing Hoops Picks every week during the basketball season - including the State Tournament Edition.

Online Games
Have some extra time on your hands? Don't waste time surfing stupid web sites! Insider Zone members can log in and play an assortment of online games. From classics like Tetris and Pac-Man to blackjack, poker and ultimate dodgeball. New games added all the time!

What does it cost?

We wish that our lottery numbers would come up and allow us to give all this stuff away for free. We really do. But..the Power Ball Gods see fit to give the money to 80 year old retired school teachers in Pennsylvania instead. So, until our luck changes, we are forced to charge a small yearly fee.
$9.95 a year is all it costs to enjoy all these great features for 12 full months. 83 cents a day. 3 cents a day.
We are looking forward to adding new features along the way. When we do, the price will not go up.

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